Botanical Cape Town

There’s something about escaping the British winter that feels like a life saving experience during January. We seeked out some warmer climes in Cape Town to save our souls and discovered some real treats.

Here are 5 places not to miss if your priority is visiting hidden gems with an emphasis on healthy eats and botanical themes.

  • HEMELHUIJS  means ” heavens house” in Dutch. On entering this contemporary cafe on Waterkant street, you can’t help but notice the stunning floral ceiling. The atmosphere was relaxed and the food was great, we ordered breakfast with a homemade potato rosti and eggs. Hemelhuijs also boasts its own home range so you have a chance to buy into the whole experience.
  • BOTANICAL BAR – There are cocktails and there are botanical cocktails and since I’ve tried the drinks at Botanical Bar, cocktails anywhere else haven’t been the same for me ever since. Each drink was a true experience and we did try a few. Each drink was named by a region in the Cape using the local flora mixed with alchoholic infusions which were creative and really refreshing. They also do food but we were too busy drinking to try any on this occassion.
  • MARROW is a small broth bar where you can find veggie broths and meat broths, not really what I expected to find in a hot summer in the city. Bone broth is becoming popular and widely known for its highly nutritious health benefits. The simple modern decor was pleasant and felt like I was in Japan rather than Cape Town. There were lots of different flavours available. I had the veggie broth which came with vegetables and broth on the side so you can pour it in yourself. It was really fresh and light. A perfect lunch spot even on a hot summers day.
  • BABYLONSTOREN is one of the oldest Cape Dutch farms. It has a diverse botanical garden and vinyard which supplies the two restaurants Babel, the Greenhouse eatery, farm shop and the hotel. If I was told that I had to choose one place on earth where I would be trapped forever and could never leave it would be this place. There was an emphasis on farm to fork food freshness, everything is well kept and the staff are friendly. I am keen to try out the restaurant, spa and unique hotel the next time we visit
  • THE GIN BAR If you are looking for a remedy for your heart, head or the soul, this is the place for you. The Gin Bar offers a selection of international and local Gins with botanical elixirs, tinctures and potions to cure all manner of ills. Inside the bar feels very much like going back in time, its dark, theres wood cladding, antique blue velvet chairs and cabinets, but the outside has a mediteranean style secret courtyard.

We already can’t wait to revisit creative Cape Town, with all its botanical treats and hidden gems and gorgeously hot weather. We discovered the best time to travel is January and February, it can get quite windy in the afternoons.

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